Physics Foundation for Class VIII

SAS Kirmani

ISBN: 9789393330529 | Year: 2024 | Paperback | Pages: 300 | Language : English

Book Size: 195 x 260 mm | Territorial Rights: World

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About the Book

Physics Foundation for Class VIII is a well-made resource book in Physics for both CBSE and ICSE students, providing clear and logical explanation of the concepts backed by sound physical arguments. The book elaborates on practical applications of the theory covered in each chapter and is replete with a wide array of exercise questions that help students understand the subject and ace the board exams effortlessly.

Contributors (Author(s), Editor(s), Translator(s), Illustrator(s) etc.)

SAS Kirmani is the Founder of Erose Educational Infotech Private Limited, a PAN India Educational and Research Company headquartered in New Delhi. Under his leadership and vision, Erose has successfully guided and trained aspirants for IIT-JEE and other competitive exams such as NEET and Civil Services Examination.

Table of Content

About the Author

  1. Force and Pressure
  2. Friction
  3. Light
  4. Pollution of Air and Water
  5. Some Natural Phenomena
  6. Sound
  7. Stars and the Solar System
  8. Measurement (Density)
  9. Energy
  10. Chemical Effect of Current
  11. Heat Transfer
  12. Electricity
Appendix A: Case-study Questions