Bhatia and Craig’s Applied Psychology and Mental Hygiene for Nurses, Fifth Edition

Preeti Tabitha Louis

ISBN: 9789393330581 | Year: 2023 | Paperback | Pages: 324 | Language : English

Book Size: 180 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: World

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About the Book

The foremost aims of this fifth edition of Bhatia and Craig’s Applied Psychology and Mental Hygiene for Nurses were to effectively integrate the core concepts covered in this classic textbook with the more contemporary topics in the field and to adapt this book to the new syllabus for Applied Psychology prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council (INC). Every chapter has been revised thoroughly, and the content has been organised according to relevant headings and the learning objectives outlined in the new syllabus. The charts, tables, and schematic diagrams included in this book are designed to enhance comprehension and retention. The role of nurses has been emphasised under each topic, and suitable examples have been included. Two new chapters have been added—Application of Soft Skills and Self-empowerment. The language and presentation too have been modified, keeping in mind the needs of the nursing student in India. Critical thinking exercises have been prepared to illustrate the relevance of important psychological concepts in the context of nursing.

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Dr Preeti Tabitha Louis is currently employed as Lecturer of Psychology, Department of Behavioural Sciences, College of Nursing, Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore. She has a master’s degree in Applied Psychology from Madras University, Chennai, and a PhD in Psychology from VIT, Vellore, and has taught the subject the subject both at the undergraduate and the postgraduate level. Dr Preeti Louis has also been invited to speak at workshops on stress management, effective leadership, and team building. Her research interests include understanding adjustment among adolescents and developing their self-confidence.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 The Nature and Scope of Psychology
Chapter 2 Methods of Psychology
Chapter 3 The Biological Basis of Behaviour
Chapter 4 Genetics and Behaviour
Chapter 5 The Nervous System
Chapter 6 The Sense Organs, Muscles and Glands
Chapter 7 Mental Health and Mental Hygiene
Chapter 8 Mental Illness–Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
Chapter 9 Ego Defence Mechanisms
Chapter 10 Frustration and Conflict
Chapter 11 Guidance and Counselling
Chapter 12 Developmental Psychology
Chapter 13 Psychology of Vulnerable Individuals
Chapter 14 Personality
Chapter 15 Attention and Perception
Chapter 16 Intelligence and Aptitude
Chapter 17 Learning
Chapter 18 Memory
Chapter 19 Thinking
Chapter 20 Motivation
Chapter 21 Emotions and Stress
Chapter 22 Attitudes
Chapter 23 Psychological Assessment and Tests
Chapter 24 Psychology of Groups
Chapter 25 Application of Soft Skills
Chapter 26 Self-Empowerment